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A New Perspective Joins AOT

Updated: May 15, 2021

Women die from abortion.

Women are traumatized for life from the abortion experience.

Families have suffered from what abortions and medical practitioners have done to their loved ones. Abortion doctors and their facilities need to be exposed for any unethical and illegal practices. How has this been unveiled in the past? It’s been through legal cases, such as what put infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell in prison.

Abortion on Trial continues this pro-life method with its mission “to educate and raise awareness about current abortion legalities and ongoing malpractice cases relating to abortion providers.” From the coercion case of Jessica Duran to the horrific death of Keisha Atkins, from fetal trafficking to exposing the unethical truth about procedures, from researching possible Medicaid fraud to the withholding of medical records, Abortion on Trial’s attorneys continue to delve into the practice of abortion providers, such as Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Women’s Reproductive Clinic in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Abortion on Trial also has brought to light the hypocrisy by government officials for leaving abortion facilities open during the pandemic, while other institutions were ordered only to conduct essential medical procedures. It has also been shown that one abortion facility had a COVID death and another employee that suffered from it, but they did not report those cases as required by law. An OSHA complaint was filed in this case by Abortion on Trial’s Executive Director, Jamie Jeffries.

Tonya Reeves, Cree Erwin, Tia Archeiva, Alexandra Nunez, Karnamaya Mongar, Lakisha Wilson, Keisha Atkins, and more have died from abortions. Abortion on Trial wants to be a voice for women who have died or have suffered from the practices and procedures of abortionists at their facilities. Despite lacking legislation or societal acceptances, current laws can help protect people from unethical providers. Abortion on Trial is here to help those who have suffered at the hands of the abortion industry.

Please go to to learn more, and be sure to donate here to help the cause.

Abortion on Trial thanks everyone for their contributions and support in our first year, and we look forward to continued success and support for years to come. It is my honor and pleasure to now be part of the team here at Abortion on Trial.

-Monte Harms

AOT Outreach Coordinator

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