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Abortionist admits their abortion facility has sent at least 17 women to the hospital within 4 years

Updated: May 15, 2021

Newly obtained documents and video show that Southwestern Women's Options abortion facility has transported at least 17 women to the emergency room in a 4-year time frame.

At least one of those transports ended in the patient's death.

It is unknown how many additional transports have been needed since December 2018. But Dr. Carmen Landau said it's presumable there have been more, stating, "in that period of time it would be usual if we didn't have at least one transport."

Below are the 17 emergency transport forms from S.W.O., in the format in which they were received, now entitled Exhibit 7. Some forms may not be legible, and for that reason you can view the complete video of Dr. Carmen Landau discussing all 17 of these emergency transports in her under oath deposition at the bottom of this page.

These documents and admissions are evidence of how necessary a federal 20-week abortion ban really is. The lives and safety of not only unborn infants but of their mothers as well depend on it. Send this evidence to your legislators and demand a federal 20-week ban.

Send this evidence to your legislators and demand a federal 20-week abortion ban.

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