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AOT: Helping women harmed by the abortion pill as Supreme Court requires in-person visits.

Updated: May 15, 2021

This week Supreme Court Justices lifted a federal judge's July order that had suspended the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's rule requiring in-person visits prior to obtaining the abortion pill for the duration of the pandemic. Women, some by choice and some without their knowledge, have received the abortion pill at home without seeing a doctor since the restrictions were lifted. This ruling is now reversed, and women are again required to see a doctor in person before being prescribed the fatal abortion pill. This new ruling is wise as the abortion pill is known to have dangerous side effects, including the risk of extended cramping and bleeding, uterine tearing, and even anaphylaxis. These concerns can be life-threatening when not handled under proper medical supervision. Removing third-party individuals who may be responsible for delivering women’s abortion pills to them reduces the risk of tampering and misuse. Sadly women have been injured and even drugged without their knowledge since the abortion pill was approved by mail delivery. It is a positive for people’s safety that by mail, allowance is being reversed. We at Abortion On Trial are fully aware of the damage to physical health and mental wellbeing the previous by mail delivery method produced. We are here to help women navigate through the aftermath of the dangerous at-home abortion pill. We are aware women made choices without even speaking to a doctor. We are aware that this prescription medication comes with a long list of risks and side effects that women couldn’t have been adequately informed on if not even given an appointment prior to taking it.

Abortion On Trial is here to help those who feel harmed by the delivery of the abortion pill. If you or someone you care about has been physically or emotionally injured by receiving the abortion pill, AOT would like to offer you a free legal consultation to discuss any options you may have moving forward. We cannot guarantee every woman has a legal case to take up, but we do guarantee every woman has a story worth hearing and a heart worth healing. If we cannot assist you with a legal case, we can still connect you with a healing network of women with similar experiences. Please Contact Us to set up your free consultation with our director and/or attorney. Abortion On Trial will continue to provide legal counsel, refer for abortion recovery support, and be a safe place for women before or after an abortion. Our organization is glad to see this new ruling from the Supreme Court and we hope all those wounded during the previous ruling find the recovery support they need. CONTACT AOT FOR A FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION

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