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AOT: Taking The Issue Of Fetal Parts Trafficking To Washington D.C. And Beyond

Updated: May 15, 2021

On October 8th Abortion On Trial joined with Pro-Life San Francisco and numerous other pro-life organizations and advocates at the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. to demand action be taken on the well-documented crimes of fetal parts trafficking.

Attorney Mike Seibel and AOT Executive Director Jamie Jeffries accompanied Nicole Atkins, a plaintiff with an open lawsuit regarding fetal parts trafficking, to Washington so that Nicole could make a statement at the DOJ event regarding her experiences and pain stemming from her 2010 abortion. While Ms. Atkins joined the public speaking event, her attorney, Mr. Seibel, attended a hearing regarding her ongoing case. That hearing resulted in a favorable ruling for Ms. Atkins, and as of now, her case will continue to go forth.

During the public event, Ms. Atkins gave a speech filled with heartbreaking remarks about her past and the pain she experienced. She spoke with sincerity, and the sorrow over her decision in 2010 was apparent to all listening. She spoke hopeful and inspiring words through her tears, saying, "It only takes one person, one voice, one mind to start a movement." She finished her statement with, "Always remember your voice matters."

Her words left witnesses ignited with a passion to continue in the pursuit of justice.

AOT's Jamie Jeffries spoke of the UNM fetal tissue log and the 19 universities in the US and Canada that are documented as accepting body parts of babies aborted at Curtis Boyd's Southwestern Women's Options abortion facility. That same facility was responsible for trafficking Nicole Atkins' baby after her botched 2010 abortion and for the wrongful death of Nicole's younger sister, Keisha, who died from a late-term abortion at Boyd's in 2017. "We have to do better," remarked Jeffries. "We have to hold providers accountable for their crimes and the immense pain those crimes are causing. We deserve better than this. Women deserve better than this."

Speakers from across the country shared about their desires to see Attorney General Bill Barr prosecute SWO, Planned Parenthood, UNM, UCSF, and all of those who are proven to have connections to America's fetal trafficking ring. Herb Geraghty of Rehumanize International led the crowd in a chant from the podium, demanding action from the DOJ.

Former Planned Parenthood worker of 17 years, Mayra Rodriguez, pictured below with event organizer Terrisa Bukovinac, talked about how deceiving the abortion industry is and how they genuinely lie to stay in business.

Serena Dyksen, Founder of She Found His Grace, spoke about the need for support and healing for the women boldly coming forward with their abortion regret and proof of abortion horrors. All of the Speakers were elevated in their delivery by the emotional translation from the interpreter and pro-life speaker Jennifer Christie of Love Louder.

In the future, the pro-life community must continue to pursue these cases. We must continue to demand charges be filed on fetal parts traffickers. The Department of Justice and Attorney General Bill Barr should be hearing from every individual who wants to see fetal parts trafficking end.

For contact information to demand action from the DOJ, click HERE.

Together we can, and we will win this battle.

To Support Abortion On Trial in their pursuit for justice, click HERE

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