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BREAKING: Late-Term Abortion Facility Logs Show Over A Dozen ELECTIVE Late-Term Abortions In One Day

Updated: May 15, 2021

Abortion On Trial has obtained court records from the lawsuit against Southwestern Women's Options (SWO) and Doctors Boyd, Landau, and Carr. The doctors at SWO are being sued for the wrongful death of 23-year-old Keisha Atkins, who died due to infection from her time spent there.

These newly obtained records include daily patient logs. For the first time, the public is seeing in black and white the number of women coming for late-term abortions, as well as the ages of their babies who are to be killed.

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These patient logs show over a dozen women coming in each day for purely elective late-term abortions. We can see in the log photo, labeled "Exhibit Ten" in court records, that women ranging from 21 weeks pregnant all the way up to 32 weeks pregnant were seen for abortions with no medical reasoning recorded whatsoever. Gestational ages are highlighted in red, and any medical necessity is marked in pink.

SWO charges over $15,000 for these procedures. And they assist women in getting Medicaid to pay for it. This service is purely for profit.

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Each day nearly 20 women come for abortion appointments after 20 weeks. It is not uncommon for an unborn infant to survive birth in the late second trimester. The youngest recorded birth was at just 21 weeks. Babies are known to survive premature delivery regularly. In 2018 doctors delivered a baby by cesarean who weighed mere ounces. Even a decade ago, doctors were able to save this baby girl born, who is clearly a human baby, at just 24 weeks old.

This is why pro-life politicians have been pursuing a 20-week abortion ban. Children aborted after this stage are often able to survive outside the womb. According to many scientific studies and journals, they are old enough to feel the physical pain of their death.

These fetuses being killed at Southwestern Women's Options are viable. They are old enough to survive, and they have no fatal medical indication; they are healthy growing babies inside healthy mothers. SWO is just one of multiple late-term providers in the country. What is happening on these patient logs is also happening in other clinics in other states.

We can no longer believe the rhetoric that abortion after 20 weeks is needed only to keep women safe and alive. We now see indisputable evidence that shows that claim false.

We must demand a 20-week abortion ban from our elected officials, knowing dozens of viable pain-capable babies are being killed electively every week. And their mothers aren't safe obtaining these services either.

Call your legislators and demand a 20-week abortion ban. You can find your legislators here.

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