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BREAKING: Late Term Abortionists caught experimenting on hundreds of women.

A shocking discovery was made in the pursuit of evidence in the wrongful death case of Keisha Atkins. It appears that late term abortion providers Carmen Landau and Shelley Sella were actually experimenting on women receiving induction abortions in hopes of making the service quicker to accommodate an increasing patient load.

Dr. Landau and Dr. Sella have been named as authors along with staff of UCSF on a published research article (pictured below) discussing the differences in induction abortions when adding the risky and unnecessary use of Mifepristone. 501 women were included in this study between 2016 & 2017. Approximately half of the women were given Mifepristone and half were not. All 501 were 24 or more weeks pregnant. And 48 of those 501 women were minors.

The article says that all 501 induction abortions occurred at “one freestanding clinic”. We know that clinic was Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It appears that in 2016 Landau and Sella decided to test the theory that Mifepristone would make the induction abortion occur quicker and after a year of “no perceived benefit” to them, they again changed the procedure back to inducing without the use of Mifepristone in May 2017.

We know S.W.O. was the site of this experimental study not only by the fact that both Sella and Landau are providers of late term inductions at S.W.O., but by the blatant inclusion of one Keisha Marie Atkins in the medical research article itself. Did these authors truly think they could list detailed medical information about Keisha’s death without someone connecting those dots?

Although the authors claim there were updated policies and procedures manuals documenting these changes no such documentation was given to attorneys when S.W.O. was subpoenaed for documents regarding Keisha’s death that occurred in February 2017…shortly before Dr. Landau stopped giving her patients Mifepristone experimentally. In fact, no mention of this study was included in Keisha’s file at all, nor was any mention of it made by Landau when deposed about Keisha’s death. It appears as though Dr. Landau didn’t want attorneys to learn about this piece of literature.

But the reality is this “research” is far bigger than just including the Keisha Atkins case.

500 other women were included in that medical research without being told. Some of whom were injured. 501 viable unborn babies were admittedly killed by injection of digoxin in less than 24 months time. Approximately 250 women were given a drug as part of their altered procedure despite their doctors not knowing what the result would really be. And that doesn’t even touch on the numerous claims in this study that are direct contradictions to under oath admissions by Dr. Landau as well as official documents collected as part of wrongful death and malpractice cases against S.W.O.

AOT Director Jamie Jeffries said “This study not only confirms our claims that S.W.O. performs elective late term abortions regularly, it confirms our theory that abortion procedures are being altered by S.W.O. providers and women are being injured as a result. Women aren’t lab rats, we shouldn’t be used by medical providers for their research without our knowledge. But S.W.O. staff seem to have, once again, missed the memo that consent matters.”

AOT will be breaking this study down piece by piece over the coming weeks to show the public just how much is hiding in what’s been written by Landau, Sella, and UCSF. Discussing the broken laws, dehumanizing experimental care, and blatant misrepresentation published in this research is just too much for one article. This "research" proves so much about so much. It’s actually a little shocking the authors didn’t realize all they were revealing when they chose to put this piece of work out into the world. But out it is…and now we know.

See the complete research article below:

To support the cases against S.W.O. click here.

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