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BREAKING: New records prove 24-week elective abortion was taxpayer-funded.

Updated: May 15, 2021

It’s long been debated as to whether or not taxpayers fund elective abortion. But now, thanks to documents released via the Atkins vs Boyd wrongful death case, we have indisputable proof that elective late-term abortion is being paid for by American taxpayers.

Records documenting Keisha Atkins’ 24-week elective abortion show that she was provided with financial assistance via Medicaid. Thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars were used through Medicaid via Presbyterian Centennial Care insurance provider. Southwestern Women’s Options abortion facility arranged financial assistance for Ms. Atkins, who died due to her septic abortion.

In these records, you can see itemized billing for the abortion services provided to Keisha Atkins: $200 for an ultrasound, $60 for the digoxin medication to kill the fetus, and $120 for intravenous Fentanyl, among others.

Keisha’s abortion was elective.

It was performed on a healthy and viable baby.

It killed her along with her baby.

And despite public pro-choice opinion, it was all paid for by we the people.

So long as elective late-term abortion is an option, we will see providers forcing taxpayers to fund it. With records like this now made public, there should be no reason we see continued acceptance of late-term abortion facilities. Call your legislators today and demand an end to funding these barbaric practices!

See the official records below.



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