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BREAKING: Prolife advocate sues Planned Parenthood and security guard for false imprisonment

On November 26th 2021 prolife advocate, Dora Montoya, was peacefully praying outside of the Albuquerque New Mexico Planned Parenthood when the abortion facility’s security guard, Ricky Vigil, left the private property to illegally handcuff her on the public sidewalk before forcing her onto the private property where he then illegally detained her until police arrived and demanded her release. The event was documented and a video was released that clearly shows angry and malicious actions on behalf of the abortion facility's guard who Dora has now filed suit against.

The security guard claims that Dora had assaulted a pro-choice protestor named Sarah but the

police report released by Abortion On Trial documenting the events stated Sarah told officers on scene she did not feel like Dora had any intent to harm her. Numerous witnesses on scene confirm Dora did not assault Sarah but simply lifted her hands to display the rosary she was holding as she told Sarah she was just there to pray.

Now Dora has retained Abortion On Trial’s attorneys and has officially filed suit against both Ricky Vigil and his employer Planned Parenthood. The lawsuit filed includes claims of battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment which is a felony in New Mexico.

Abortion On Trial’s executive director, Jamie Jeffries said “This isn’t the first time we’ve had to work to get dangerous security guards removed from their roles at abortion facilities. We fought to remove the guard sexually harassing pro-lifers in southern New Mexico last year, and we will fight until we successfully remove Ricky from his position at Planned Parenthood this year.” She explains that prolife advocates have legal rights and shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for them. “We don’t just allow abortion facilities to act illegally and dangerously without holding them accountable. If suing abortion facilities is what it takes to keep the sidewalk safe for pro-lifers trying to reach women in need, then that’s what we’ll do.”

Dora did nothing to warrant the illegal actions taken by Ricky Vigil and has every right to legally pursue this case against him and Planned Parenthood. Abortion On Trial will actively monitor the case and release details to the public as the case allows.

See the filed complaint here:

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