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BREAKING: Records prove Keisha Atkins was drugged and sedated for days leading up to her death.

Updated: May 15, 2021

The medical records from Southwestern Women's Options abortion facility documenting Keisha Atkins' 24-week induction abortion are horrifying. Patients charts show Keisha was given combinations of Fentanyl and Versed multiple times a day for three days straight during her induction abortion.

Fentanyl is a narcotic pain killer the CDC warns is "50-100 times more powerful than Morphine." Slow and labored breathing is a common side effect of Fentanyl, along with fainting and altered heart rate. Fentanyl is highly addictive, and use often leads to overdose, according to the Black Box Warning by the FDA.

Versed is a sedation medication that comes with the government's MedLine warning that it "may cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems" that "may lead to death."

The warning goes on to state this medication is only to be administered in a hospital or doctor's office that is equipped to provide life-saving medical treatment quickly if breathing slows or stops. Versed is intended to sedate and relax a patient before a procedure as well as "prevent any memory of the event," according to MedLine.

Keisha was given two doses of both Fentanyl and Versed within 35 minutes at her first appointment on February 1st.

She was given prescriptions for the oral narcotic painkiller, Oxycodone

(which also comes with an FDA warning) upon intake and after her initial procedure, she was released to go back to her home approximately 20 miles away until the next day.

The following day, February 2nd, Keisha was given doses of Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Versed. Multiple times. She was then released again to labor off-site, medicated, and without medical providers monitoring her for the second night.

The next day, February 3rd, Keisha again received IV doses of Fentanyl, Versed, as well as Oxycodone, before she was eventually given Benadryl and Albuterol for labored breathing.

Keisha was then transferred to the emergency room for "respiratory distress," where she died shortly after.

Keisha died from a septic infection.

She spent three days in and out of consciousness while taking heavy narcotics. She was suffocating in her own infection, but she did not know what was happening to her. She was not aware of what medications she was receiving or what procedures doctors were performing on her. Perhaps more horrifically, even if she happens to be aware of something, she would not remember it later. Multiple doses of Versed daily ensured she should have no confident recall of events around her.

Keisha was drugged and drugged to make her forget she was drugged. She was drugged beyond the point of being able to change her mind, properly medicate, or seek emergency care. Keisha was held captive to IV and oral drugs for three days leading up to her death.

That is not empowerment. That is not healthcare. That is the opposite of both.

Sadly, Keisha is not the only woman to experience this level of "care" from the doctors at S.W.O. abortion facility. This drugging of women outside of the hospital in a questionable clinic, patient's homes, and hotel rooms is standard protocol for Southwestern Women's Options. This is what they do.

Mixing dangerous levels of sedation drugs with being sent to labor unmonitored somewhere outside of a medical setting is why this clinic has seen events like Dr. Sella's delivering a 12-year-old's baby breech in the hotel room bathroom. It's why this clinic has four open cases of medical and ethical violations against them. It's why Keisha is dead. Those who do survive may not even be aware of the absolute dehumanizing horror they experienced as "patients" in this corrupt and dangerous abortion facility.

There is nothing safe or acceptable about what Curtis Boyd and his staff are doing at S.W.O.

Join the fight against this facility by visiting Abortion On Trial or donate to the legal battle against them HERE.

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