BREAKING: Transfer Agreements show UNM Sent Baby Body Parts To Universities Across The US and Canada

Documents obtained by pro-life attorney, Mike Seibel, show the University Of New Mexico obtained and transferred aborted baby body parts for medical research. UNM's own tissue logs show over 500 aborted babies were dissected and used for medical research. Those aborted babies came from Curtis Boyd's late term abortion facility, Southwestern Women's Options, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

If the horror of dissecting electively aborted babies for their brain, lung, eyes, and skin is not enough to raise concern, now its been documented that UNM is also shipping these baby body parts both nationwide and internationally to numerous other universities. Material Transfer Forms from UNM show multiple universities across America, and in Canada as well, were receiving fetal tissue sent to them by UNM.

The University of South Florida received both "fetal tissue" and "fetal GI tissue" from UNM.

Shockingly one transfer agreement with the University of South Florida actually shows that fetal tissue was being sent from the Obstetrics and Genecology department at UNM rather than the medical research department.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham also received tissue from UNM.

UNM was also was also sending aborted baby body parts out of the country to the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Canada.

In addition to the "fetal tissue" shipped to the institute in Ottawa, UNM sent Fetal Lung Stem Cell. "The acquisition of fetal stem cells is evidence of 4s U.S.C. 289 g-2 section b." Says attorney Mike Seibel. "The Department Of Justice must investigate and begin criminal prosecution by April 1 2021 or UNM will get away Scott free."

UNM has boasted of their partnerships with nearly 20 other Universities in North America such as UCSF, University of Illinois-Chicago, and even the Canadian University of Alberta.

They also credit their over 20 year long relationship with Curtis Boyd and S.W.O. abortion facility, for the work they are doing in the DREAM lab at UNM.

"This is not only limited to the University of New Mexico and Curtis Boyd. The University of California San Francisco, The University of South Florida, and the University of Alabama Birmingham should all be immediately investigated and prosecuted by the Department Of Justice before the statute of limitations expires." Said Mike Seibel.

Mr. Seibel, Pro-Life San Francisco, Abortion On Trial, and multiple other human rights and groups will be in Washington D.C. on October 8th to demand the DOJ take action on these documented offenses. This event is open to the public.

To support the legal battle against UNM click HERE.

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