Demand the D.O.J. take action on fetal trafficking before it's too late.

In 2015 The Center For Medical Progress made headlines after releasing multiple undercover videos exposing fetal trafficking within America's abortion industry. With a special focus on Planned Parenthood providers, David Daleiden and his team produced hours of footage of their encounters with abortion providers and tissue procurement workers. Two such providers, Dr. Shelley Sella and Dr. Susan Robinson, not only worked for Planned Parenthood but at Southwestern Women's Options abortion facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well.

S.W.O. abortion facility is being sued for numerous offenses including a wrongful death and transportation of aborted fetal parts. One woman with an open case against Dr. Sella had her baby's brain transported to UNM from the abortion facility without her consent or knowledge. She was also injured during her abortion. Imagine the horror endured when years later, as a regretful post abortive woman, she saw her baby visibly listed in UNM's fetal tissue log.

Although many of these documented and admitted to trafficking instances have already expired under the statute of limitations there are still prosecutable cases that the U.S. Department Of Justice is aware of but not yet pursuing. Pro-life San Francisco, Abortion On Trial, and other human rights and medical ethics groups will be meeting at the Department Of Justice headquarters in Washington D.C. on October 8th to demand action be taken against those breaking the law to provide fetal body parts for transfer.

It is vital to women's safety that harsh and swift action be taken against those harvesting these baby body parts. Numerous abortion providers involved have admitted to altering the abortion process in order to obtain intact baby body parts. Doing this is not only illegal but also incredibly dangerous and has resulted in women being injured to the point of hysterectomies. By failing to take action on these cases the Department Of Justice is ignoring federal and state level crimes and leaving victims of this industry left with nothing but their pain.

“The abortion has left a profound negative impact on my life” says Nicole Atkins, the regretful post abortive woman who’s baby was taken without her consent and logged as “brain” in UNM’s fetal tissue log. Nicole is hoping the DOJ will investigate, prosecute, and actually do something to prevent these injustices from continuing.

Not only did these logged once living humans deserve to be treated as more valuable than their brains, liver, and lungs...their mothers deserve justice for being made to play a role in these events without their knowledge or consent. Women who felt pressure to continue with their abortions later learn their baby was dissected and stripped for parts like a used car. This only adding to the immense pain and regret they feel.

There are only a few short months left to prosecute providers harvesting fetal tissue for transfer before the statute of limitations expires on all documented log entries. Hundreds of documented transfers have already expired and nobody will be held responsible for those cases but some chargeable offenses do remain. It is imperative to women’s physical and mental safety that the DOJ be known as having no tolerance for these crimes. There is no human decency in trafficking the bodies of aborted babies.

Contact the Department Of Justice and demand action be taken on the remaining prosecutable cases of fetal trafficking in America before it’s too late!

And join us in Washington DC on October 8th at the DOJ headquarters as we come together to demand the same.

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