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Disturbing: DHHS lab inspection report shows numerous failures at Southwestern Women's Options

Updated: May 15, 2021

A disturbing lab inspection report for Southwestern Women's Options abortion facility shows a significant lack of standards.

In 2017 the lab at Curtis Boyd's New Mexico abortion facility, Southwestern Women's Options, was inspected by the Department Of Health And Human Services. The report from that inspection lists multiple failures to maintain basic provider standards.

Below are the failures that stood out to us.

Failure 1: Expired pregnancy test kits.

The inspection report says the abortion providers "had not discarded expired pregnancy test kits and used them for patient testing" instead.

Failure 2: The report says "only two of the laboratory's personnel had participated in proficiency testing over the 2 year period." The lab employs five people.

Three employees did not meet proficiency testing standards.

Failure 3: The lab "had a trend of documenting the temperature only 4 days per week," according to the inspection report. These refrigerators hold patients' blood used for RH testing as well as other temperature-sensitive content.

Failure 4: The lab "policy indicated that the laboratory used whole blood samples from

staff as control materials for RH testing."

Failure 5: The report indicates that the lab director "had not conducted new competency evaluations for 5 of 5 testing personnel."

The report from DHHS shows a major lack of training, documentation, and proper equipment inside of this facility. Failures like these put patients' lives at risk and cannot be overlooked.

See the report with failure reference numbers below.

Visit for more.

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