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Introducing Reproductive Injustice

Updated: Jun 8

Over the past three years Abortion On Trial has operated as a group of professionals providing legal aid to women at no cost. Now, we are thrilled to announce we’ve officially incorporated as a non-profit organization entitled Reproductive Injustice.

Abortion On Trial will continue to operate, share case evidence, and bring public awareness to the abortion malpractice issue on our website and social media pages while Reproductive Injustice acts as a safe and judgment free place for women to reach out to after experiencing an injustice such as difficulty is accessing medical records, malpractice, coercion, lack of informed consent, forced abortion, human trafficking, sexual assault, or post care suicide attempt.

Through Reproductive Injustice’s new direct access website we will be able to connect even more women harmed by reproductive healthcare with the appropriate attorneys, counselors, and a trusted support networks all at no cost to the client. Women can now request that necessary legal aid by calling our 24 hour phone line or via the website with just a click of a button!

To celebrate this new expansion, we now have eight billboards recently published in the Cincinnati area. “Thanks to the collaborative effort of Laura Strietman and sponsorship of Cincinnati Right to Life not only will injured women now see there is help for them, but the general public will become more aware of the reality of abortion injury and harm in their own community" said Executive Director, Jamie Jeffries. “We are honored to be given the opportunity to reach women in need and would be glad to collaborate with organizations in other states on similar projects.”

Reproductive Injustice will continue to work through our public awareness department, Abortion On Trial, to assist local and state governments with expert testimony, litigative support, and grass roots efforts that are intended to protect and defend women and children from abortion. We see how many women have experienced reproductive injustice and we will continue to hold providers accountable for the harm they’ve caused in every way possible.

To the women harmed by abortion we say: We are standing with you, and we will fight for you.

To support our work, donate HERE

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