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Late-Term Abortion Research Article Has Left The Public In A State Of Rightful Horror

A recently published medical research article authored by late term abortionists Carmen Landau and Shelley Sella has left the public in a state of horror. The research article shares numerous details regarding the scary and high risk labor and delivery abortions happening at Southwestern Women’s Options outpatient facility in New Mexico. Landau and Sella documented outcomes for 501 late term labor induction abortions that were done between 2016 and 2018. 48 of those 501 women being minors.

It’s important for the public to understand just what these providers are admitting to putting women through in these procedures. This procedure happens over a 2-4 day span where women will come and go from the facility as they experience their induced labor. First providers cause the death of the unborn baby using an injection of Digoxin, which is an adult heart medication abortion providers use to cause fetal demise despite its off label usage increasing the woman’s infection risk by six times. The woman then has laminaria inserted into her cervix to force early dilation, she is given drugs to induce her body into early forced labor, she is given Oxy, Versed, and Fentanyl and is released to labor overnight in her home or even hotel room. This all happens before she returns to the facility one last time to vaginally deliver her now stillborn baby. These women are not escaping any labor and delivery pain or trauma with this procedure. In fact they are being put at an even greater risk than if they carry to term according to documents from this very facility.

It’s also vitally important for the public to realize the gestational age of the fetus surpasses any question regarding potential viability outside the womb. And that the research article in question flaunts this research as being unique for its elective nature. These abortions were not performed on sick women with unhealthy fetuses. There’s no mention of medical necessities driving these late term abortions whatsoever. The article actually states most studies are “limited in scope” to including fetal diagnosis and this study is not. The reality is 501 post 6 month abortions were performed on healthy and survivable babies and these providers aren’t hiding that.

Knowing these women experienced the full scope of child labor and vaginal delivery outside of a hospital setting, and the unborn baby being aborted could fully survive outside of the womb, the debate of why we aren’t inducing women in hospitals to deliver living babies comes into play.

The financial cost for this abortion surpasses the cost of a live birth.

It would be much safer for the mother.

It would certainly be safer for the unborn baby who is aborted.

Domestic newborn adoption and even state by state safe haven laws ensure the mother would not have to retain custody if she chose not to.

If this research article told us nothing other than abortion providers are performing hundreds of elective post 6 month outpatient labor inductions a year it should be massively concerning to people on both sides of the abortion debate.

Our pro-choice followers (yes we have those) agree with us that elective late term abortions on healthy viable babies should not be happening at all.

And we agree that women should not be made to experience induced child labor and delivery while in and out of the clinic for days as it’s dangerous and traumatizing. Both of those issues were clearly covered in this medical research article as frequent occurrences. Nobody should be okay with what’s happening at S.W.O.

Unfortunately these obvious horrors aren’t the end of what the research article reveals. This is truly a “tip of the iceberg” situation and there is far more to come. But we at AOT wanted to be sure it was clear to those reading this medical research just how dangerous and inhumane these now publicly flaunted late term abortions truly are. We know it is often argued that doctors would never perform such a risky procedure at such a late stage in pregnancy and if they did it was certainly only due to medical necessity. This research article should clear up any confusion on that matter as we have now multiple doctors publishing documents regarding their performing not just a few but hundreds of elective late term labor induction abortions a year.

Read the full medical research article below.

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