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Meeting S.W.O. medical director was the "most significant" evil Daleiden encountered when undercover

Updated: May 15, 2021

Of all the horror David Daleiden and his team of undercover investigators encountered during the Planned Parenthood sells baby parts scandal, he claims meeting this S.W.O. doctor was the worst.

"While I was speaking with her, she wasn't suspicious of my character. Everything, everything was going well. We were talking and kind of joking and laughing about something. And all of a sudden she looked straight in my eyes, and I saw almost like a flash of light run from one side of her eyes to another. Kind of like when the sun is flashing in a car, like driving on the freeway. And a flash from one side to the other, and all of a sudden, her eyes looked really hard and mean and aggressive." Daleiden said in an interview where he talks about meeting Dr. Shelley Sella of Southwestern Women's Options.

As a former employee of the infamous abortionist George Tiller and current employee of Curtis Boyd, Dr. Sella has made headlines for her radical willingness to abort babies after viability. She also has a repeat history of providing late-term abortions to underage rape victims, one of which delivered her baby in a hotel bathroom before Sella bagged the baby's body and drove away with it. Former co-workers have even accused her of stabbing born alive infants to death.

Daleiden continued, "And for the first time during this entire project, I felt really afraid, like an actual fear, a fight-or-flight kind of response. I felt very exposed, like she knew everything about me. And then all of a sudden … back to laughing and joking, totally casual, normal."

He claimed that meeting Sella "was probably the most significant moment that I had kind of early on encountering, as you said, the evil that we were going to be directly in contact with."

Shelley Sella is the medical director at Southwestern Women's Options, a facility specializing in elective late-term abortion. S.W.O. is currently facing four separate lawsuits due to medical and ethical violations, including wrongful death. One of those suits includes Dr. Sella, personal injury leading to hysterotomy, and fetal parts trafficking. More on that case to come.

With the lack of care, caution, and compassion coming out of Southwestern Women's Options, it is no surprise one of their providers is seen as one of the most evil of all.

WATCH the interview below courtesy of The Blaze.

To support the cases against S.W.O., donate here.

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