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SHOCKING documents from UNM show repeated requests for organs from aborted babies for research.

Updated: May 15, 2021

Shocking Bate stamped documents show the University of New Mexico Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences repeatedly requesting both heart and brains from aborted babies for their medical research. The relentless pursuit for fetal organs spans months and shows a long-term professional relationship between the ones seeking these baby body parts and those who provide the body parts to them.

The correspondence below, which was entered as evidence for the select panel on infant lives, shows UNM staff asking providers if they can "spare the heart" for their medical research needs. The emails continue with UNM pursuing heart tissue and even offering to "just show up" at the clinic, knowing the facility had surgeries planned for the following day. This offer to pick up the hearts of babies coming before they're even aborted presents the question of why UNM assumes patients will go through with their elective procedures or consent to UNM taking the body parts of their aborted babies.

"I was wondering if you would be willing to kindly provide us with some human fetal brain," says one correspondence.

While one request from UNM mentioned the need for ">22 fetuses" for "dissection,"

another says, "he doesn't think he'll be able to use such a large brain."

UNM is consistently asking for fetal tissue from babies of all gestational ages.

Because these baby body parts come from elective abortions, there is an added incentive for abortion providers to lead patients to elective abortions even when patients have doubts.

Women frequently mention last-minute second-guessing or desire to change their minds and continue carrying their pregnancies. Abortion providers already have reason to advise patients to go through with their planned abortion because abortion providers only profit when women choose abortion. But add in the pressure from tissue procurement departments to provide a consistent flow of organs from babies of all ages, even past the age of viability, and providers now have double the cause to promote abortion to the uncertain woman.

"There are numerous ethical conflicts involved in this fetal trafficking ring." Says Jamie Jeffries, Executive Director of Abortion On Trial. "Providers being hounded for hearts and brains will eventually find a way to provide those hearts and brains. These providers will get those organs by any means necessary, even if that means coercing patients and altering their procedures without their consent."

A woman who obtained an abortion at the facility providing these baby parts had her procedure altered by doctors to obtain an intact brain for transport to UNM. Her baby's brain is clearly listed in UNM's fetal tissue log. She suffered from lacerations during the procedure that resulted in a hysterectomy. Her abortion regret only intensified with the new knowledge that her baby was dissected. She is currently suing the abortion provider who did this.

These documents are merely the tip of the iceberg regarding evidence against UNM and abortion providers for their involvement in fetal tissue trafficking. Abortion On Trial will be releasing more in the coming days (much of which will be extremely graphic) that will further show the blatant proof of fetal trafficking between abortion providers and people relentlessly seeking baby body parts.

Medical ethics, human rights, and pro-life groups will be meeting in Washington D.C. October 8th to demand the Department Of Justice take action on these offenses. Find out more and get involved HERE.

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