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Unsterile conditions at abortion clinic leaves mother wondering whose ashes she has.

Updated: May 15, 2021

“Amy Doe” reluctantly agreed to an abortion at 13 weeks after numerous doctors said her type 1 diabetes, in addition to the baby’s confirmed anencephaly, could be a fatal combination. Her doctor referred her to Curtis Boyd’s outpatient abortion clinic to remove her very much wanted baby. She opted for genetic testing to be performed on the baby’s body at Tricore Laboratories, hoping to learn more about the issues that caused the baby’s brain to stop growing. The baby was then contracted to be sent to Riverside Funeral Home for cremation before being returned to Amy and the baby’s father for a proper memorial.

But Amy’s medical records show something else happened...something truly disgusting and abhorrent.

Amy did get a 13-week D&C at Curtis Boyd’s. And she did receive ashes from

Riverside Funeral Home. But those ashes cannot possibly be of that of her baby as it’s been well documented that her baby was thrown away at Tricore Laboratories after they were unable to do genetic testing on the body due to it being “grossly contaminated.”

Amy had contracts with SWO and Curtis Boyd to have her baby genetically tested before cremation. It is documented that on July 3rd, Dr. Carmen Landau sent the "POC" (products of conception aka fetus/baby) to Tricore for chromosomal abnormality testing.

But according to numerous documents from both Curtis Boyd’s clinic and Tricore Laboratories, Amy’s baby was grossly contaminated with fungus and couldn’t be genetically tested. Tricore documented the baby’s body as “unrecoverable” and "discarded."

These records clearly show the remains of Amy's baby were so grossly contaminated with fungus that Tricore discarded them on July 7th. But that same day, SWO sent a signed release for cremation, along with the remains of a fetus, to Riverside Funeral Home.

Despite Tricore throwing away the body of Amy’s baby, Riverside funeral home received someone to cremate in his place. And Amy did receive a vial of ashes from them.

But we know, according to the documents, it can’t possibly be her baby's ashes she's holding. So whose baby is it?

Perhaps Amy got a different woman’s baby who Boyd sent to the funeral home, seeing as her baby was ridden with fungus and discarded? Boyd’s facility does have an excess of deceased fetuses around. We still do not know who is in the urn. Amy still does not know.

Other than the obvious horror of a clinic operating with such subpar standards they’re “grossly” contaminating the bodies they send for genetic testing, this case produces immense levels of emotional distress. “This situation still causes so much anxiety and depression," says Amy, who truly wanted her baby. She wanted to know why her baby got sick and wouldn't survive. She wanted answers to prevent it from happening again, but all she got was an urn with the ashes of a stranger.

“What kind of doctor's office is so unsanitary that a baby’s body can be grossly contaminated with fungus in such a short time?” asks AOT Director Jamie Jeffries. “They just sign whatever they want, say whatever they want, and then do whatever they want without thinking about the detrimental impact to their own patients. Case after case we see this. Boyd’s whole practice is grossly contaminated.”

What we know for sure is that Amy‘s case and records show a significant lack of cleanliness, proper care, and proper protocols happening at Curtis Boyd’s Albuquerque clinic. We know that her case shows, once again, how Boyd and his staff will mislead, sneak, and manipulate anyone they can to protect their life-ending work. Amy is still trying to recover from the horror of being convinced to abort her baby for medical safety only to have that wanted baby contaminated and thrown away like trash. She’s still horrified by the reality that while she holds the ashes of someone, that someone is not her baby.

So again, we ask whose baby is in Amy’s urn? We hope to find out one day.

Follow this horrifying case as it progresses at

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