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Untrained Abortion Worker Italia Aranda Is A Risk To Women's Safety

Abortion supporters and industry members are speaking out about the newest abortion ban out of Texas that will restrict abortions after 6 weeks. But just who exactly is the media listening to in regards to the issue?

In the case of this article by NBC news it’s Italia Aranda, an untrained former counselor and medical assistant of Curtis Boyd’s who was deposed as part of the ongoing Keisha Atkins wrongful death case.

NBC must not have realized that they are quoting someone who admitted, under oath, to formulating drug plans with controlled substances for patients despite not having any accredited medical training. Perhaps they didn’t realize they are sharing the perspective of an abortion worker who admitted, under oath, to instructing women to “sit on the toilet and put a towel over their lap” so they can deliver their still born baby into the toilet while they await clinic staff who then come to the patients location. Or it could simply be that NBC was unaware of the fact that although she is not a licensed or trained counselor, it was Ms. Italia Aranda herself who “counseled” Keisha Atkins and signed consent forms with Keisha prior to her elective 6 month abortion that resulted in her sepsis and death.

NBC makes some valid points despite their sources being scandal ridden and untrained. The clinics in New Mexico are preparing for more clientele to accommodate the Texas abortion ban. This is true. There are no abortion restrictions in New Mexico. There are no annual clinic inspections in New Mexico. It is an abortion free for all that has already resulted in women dying and being seriously injured.

Now New Mexico will undoubtedly see an increase in women coming from

Texas to obtain their abortion services. And that should frighten abortion supporters and opposition alike. New Mexico facilities like Southwestern Women’s Options are already facing numerous malpractice cases. Southern New Mexico is also home to Women’s Reproductive Center in Sunland Park, who had one of their own patients arrested in 2020 after her abortion was botched. That clinic has had both medical board conflicts and OSHA complaints filed against them within the last year. New Mexico abortion facilities are some of the most dangerous outpatient abortion facilities in the nation…and according to NBC and Italia Aranda those dangerous unregulated facilities are ready and waiting for Texas women.

There are certainly grounds for concern regarding what the Texas bill will result in. But unlike NBC, we actually know Italia Aranda, who is quoted as saying “The whole point of this law, really, is to just make our job harder. It’s not to end abortion, people will still seek abortion care. It’s just to make it so we as providers can’t thrive”.

It should go without saying that people involved with lawsuits regarding a dead 23 year old woman they cared for shouldn’t be trusted to make any comment on the safety and well-being of women. Women, in Texas, New Mexico, and all other states, deserve better care than untrained medical assistants and unlicensed counselors who run to the media with self serving quotes about how their job is going to get harder. Forgive us if our concern over the Texas bill isn’t spent on Italia Aranda and her soon to be increasing work schedule. We’re focused on how many women are about to be given substandard medical care in unregulated clinics staffed by untrained workers. It’s truly a shame that women’s safety isn’t the main concern addressed by NBC but who has time for women’s safety and well-being when issues like heavy work load for people involved in wrongful death suits can be talked about instead.

See Italia Under Oath :

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