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Women are being used by abortion providers to commit Medicaid fraud

Updated: May 15, 2021

A famous quote says, “Once it’s happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” And we see that quote proven true with the documented pattern of Medicaid fraud happening at Curtis Boyd’s New Mexico abortion facility. Abortion On Trial has obtained the medical records for three separate women suing Boyd after being patients at his Southwestern Women’s Options facility in Albuquerque. All three of those women’s records document Medicaid fraud resulting in taxpayers covering the bill for their elective abortions. As previously reported on our website, doctors employed at Boyd’s S.W.O. facility have admitted under oath to having no psychological credentials and following no protocol for determining the mental health of patients. Yet these same physicians charged taxpayers through Medicaid for an abortion that was documented as “necessary” for the “mental health” of the woman. This happened not with one of the women whose records we obtained, but with all three of them. Despite not receiving any mental health assessment or speaking to a psychiatrist, each woman was recorded as needing an abortion for mental health reasons. Documenting these elective abortions as necessary for mental health allows the provider to charge the service to Medicaid, which S.W.O. conveniently offers to assist patients with handling.

Nicole Atkins, one of the women suing Boyd, says that while her chart may state she would suffer a profound negative impact if she didn’t get her abortion, in truth, “the abortion is what has made a profound negative impact on my life.”

Another woman, Jessica Duran, is suing S.W.O. for coercion. Doctors isolated her in a room for an undisclosed amount of time after she spit out the abortion pill she was given. Her chart clearly documents her uncertainty about going through with the abortion, and she’s even quoted in her chart as saying, “I couldn’t do it.” Jessica stands by the fact that she wanted her baby and felt she had no way out of the abortion, which is why she eventually gave in to the pressure to continue the procedure...yet she too was documented as “needing” the abortion for mental health reasons.

The third woman, Keisha Atkins, died from her elective late-term abortion. Her mother is suing for wrongful death. The fact that taxpayers were billed approximately $10,000.00 for her death is not only unjust; it’s mortifying.

The records obtained for all three women included itemized claims for coverage. The dollar amount being billed to taxpayers for fraudulently charged abortions is astounding. And the reality is this repeat pattern of false claims of medical necessity is certain to be occurring on more than just the records for the three women with open public lawsuits. This documented pattern of fraudulent claims and operating outside one’s scope of practice should raise concern for every tax-paying American. How much money are American taxpayers spending each year on these fraudulently charged elective abortions is a question worth asking. And there should be an investigation as to why every one of these plaintiffs were billed through Medicaid for mental health necessity despite not undergoing any mental health assessment whatsoever.

WATCH: Dr. Shannon Carr addresses this issue under oath.

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